Volleyball Schedule

Volleyball Schedule

George’s of Galilee & Narragansett Beer Volleyball League 2017

DATE       TIME         COURT A             TIME                  COURT B


5 Jun 5:00 Bonnet Shores BC vs Roch’s Market 5:00 Whiskey Republic vs Hot Panchos
5:45 Boston Neck Pizza vs Shoobies 5:45 Chophouse vs Twin Willows
6:30 East Matunuck vs  Mews Tavern 6:30 The Boat House vs Applebees SK
7:15 Pasquales Pizzeria vs Champlins 7:15 210 Oyster Bar vs Closterman Wood
8:00 Charlie O’s vs Iron Works Tavern 8:00 Mariner Grille vs Basta
8:45 Haversham vs Charlestown Surf Rescue 8:45 Crazy Burger vs Ocean Mist
9:30 Sweeney’s vs Graphic Expressions 9:30 Old Mountain Lanes vs Avvio
10:15 George’s vs Matunuck Oyster Bar 10:15 The 401 Studio vs Coast Guard House
12 Jun 5:00 Haversham  vs Graphic Expressions 5:00 Hot Panchos vs Roch’s Market
5:45 Iron Works Tavern vs Mariner 5:45 Boston Neck Pizza vs Avvio Ristorante
6:30 Basta vs Closterman Woodworks 6:30 Sweeney’s vs The Boat House
7:15 Pasquales Pizzeria vs Shoobies 7:15 Chophouse vs Ocean Mist
8:00 East Matunuck vs Champlins Seafood 8:00 Old Mountain Lanes vs Applebees SK
8:45 The 401 Studio vs Charlestown Surf 8:45 George’s of Galilee vs Charlie O’s
9:30 Matunuck Oyster Bar vs Twin Willows 9:30 Mews Tavern vs Whiskey Republic
10:15 210 Oyster Bar vs Coast Guard House 10:15 Crazy Burger vs Bonnet Shores BC
19 Jun 5:00 Mariner Grille vs Whiskey Republic 5:00  Bonnet Shores BC vs Sweeney’s
5:45 Charlie O’s vs Mews Tavern 5:45 Applebees SK vs Roch’s Market
6:30 Graphic Expressions vs Old Mtn Lanes 6:30 George’s of Galilee vs 210 Oyster Bar
7:15 Matunuck Oyster Bar vs Champlins 7:15 Avvio Ristorante vs Crazy Burger
8:00 Haversham Tavern vs Ocean Mist 8:00 East Matunuck vs Closterman Woodworks
8:45 The 401 Studio vs Twin Willows 8:45 The Boat House vs Hot Panchos
9:30 Basta vs Iron Works Tavern 9:30 Shoobies vs Chophouse
10:15 Charlestown Surf vs Boston Neck Pizza 10:15 Pasquales Pizzeria vs Coast Guard House
26 Jun 5:00 Boston Neck Pizza vs Matunuck Oyster 5:00 Pasquales Pizzeria vs Chophouse
5:45 Whiskey Republic vs Roch’s Market 5:45 Old Mountain Lanes vs Charlie O’s
6:30 Hot Panchos vs The 401 Studio 6:30 210 Oyster Bar vs Haversham Tavern
7:15 Applebees SK vs Iron Works Tavern 7:15 Closterman Wood vs Graphic Expressions
8:00 Shoobies vs Twin Willows 8:00 Ocean Mist vs Champlins Seafood
8:45 Mews Tavern vs Bonnet Shores BC 8:45 Mariner Grille vs The Boat House
9:30 Avvio Ristorante vs George’s of Galilee 9:30 Charlestown Surf vs Coast Guard House
10:15  East Matunuck vs Crazy Burger 10:15 Basta vs Sweeney’s
3 Jul  Happy 4th of July Extended Weekend!  No Volleyball but we will be partying!

Double party points for coming by!

10 Jul 5:00 Roch’s Market vs The Boat House 5:00 Crazy Burger vs Graphic Expressions
5:45 Haversham Tavern vs Avvio Ristorante 5:45 Shoobies vs The 401 Studio
6:30 Boston Neck Pizza vs Ocean Mist 6:30 Basta vs Mews Tavern
7:15 Charlie O’s vs Closterman Woodworks 7:15 Old Mountain Lanes vs Bonnet Shores BC
8:00 Hot Panchos vs Mariner Grille 8:00 George’s of Galilee vs East Matunuck
8:45 210 Oyster Bar vs Champlins Seafood 8:45 Whiskey Republic vs Iron Works Tavern
9:30 Chophouse vs Charlestown Surf Rescue 9:30  Twin Willows vs Pasquales Pizzeria
10:15 Coast Guard House vs Matunuck Oyster 10:15 Applebees SK vs Sweeney’s
17 Jul 5:00 Matunuck Oyster Bar vs Chophouse 5:00 Old Mountain Lanes vs Basta
5:45 East Matunuck vs Haversham Tavern 5:45 Mariner Grille vs Roch’s Market
6:30 The 401 Studio vs Pasquales Pizzeria 6:30 Champlins Seafood vs Avvio Ristorante
7:15 Iron Works Tavern vs The Boat House 7:15 Charlestown Surf Rescue vs Twin Willows
8:00 Charlie O’s vs Crazy Burger 8:00 Sweeney’s vs Whiskey Republic
8:45 Shoobies vs Hot Panchos 8:45 Graphic Expressions vs George’s of Galilee
9:30 Mews Tavern vs Applebees SK 9:30 Boston Neck Pizza vs 210 Oyster Bar
10:15 Ocean Mist vs Coast Guard House 10:15 Closterman Woodworks vs Bonnet Shores
24 Jul 5:00 Mews Tavern vs Graphic Expressions 5:00 Roch’s Market vs Basta
5:45 Ocean Mist vs George’s of Galilee 5:45 Sweeney’s vs Charlie O’s
6:30 The 401 Studio vs Chophouse 6:30 Haversham Tavern vs Matunuck Oyster Bar
7:15 Applebees SK vs Mariner Grille 7:15 Pasquales Pizzeria vs Boston Neck Pizza
8:00 Twin Willows vs Hot Panchos 8:00 Avvio Ristorante vs Closterman Woodworks
8:45 Crazy Burger vs 210 Oyster Bar 8:45 Old Mountain Lanes vs East Matunuck
9:30 The Boat House vs Whiskey Republic 9:30 Champlins vs Charlestown Surf Rescue
10:15 Iron Works Tavern vs Bonnet Shores BC 10:15 Coast Guard House vs Shoobies
31 Jul 5:00 Sweeney’s vs Mariner Grille 5:00 East Matunuck vs Boston Neck Pizza
5:45 Twin Willows vs Ocean Mist 5:45 Roch’s Market vs Iron Works Tavern
6:30 Whiskey Republic vs Old Mountain Lanes 6:30 Shoobies vs Charlestown Surf Rescue
7:15 Haversham Tavern vs Charlie O’s 7:15 Pasquales Pizzeria vs Hot Panchos
8:00 210 Oyster Bar vs Chophouse 8:00 The 401 Studio vs Matunuck Oyster Bar
8:45 Applebees SK vs Closterman Woodworks 8:45 Graphic Expressions vs Champlins Seafood
9:30 Avvio Ristorante vs Coast Guard House 9:30 George’s of Galilee vs Bonnet Shores BC
10:15 Basta vs Crazy Burger 10:15 The Boat House vs Mews Tavern
7 Aug Rain Date
14 Aug Playoffs
21 Aug Semi Finals
28 Aug Championships