Eat Fish, Love Life

Overlooking the Block Island Sound in the picturesque fishing port of Galilee, George’s of Galilee Waterfront Seafood Restaurant has been serving generations of families its award winning signature dishes since 1948.

We offer the widest selection of fresh local boat-to-plate seafood, farm-to-table vegetables, a seasonal sushi menu, lobster specials, as well as fresh hand-cut steaks. Choose from six different dining rooms on two floors, al fresco dining, and our takeout window, all with spectacular waterfront views.  We have our own beach and offer beach blanket service during the summer.  Check for live entertainment and special events. Be sure to visit our gift shop and Nana’s Gelato & Candy Shop.




about us georges lunch

 A picture of George’s in 1933, when it was known as “George’s Lunch”.

According to the good book, the fishermen of Galilee provided the fish that fed the multitudes upon which the foundation of faith was built.  In Galilee, Rhode Island, that duty falls on George’s Restaurant, which has faithfully fed the multitudes Clam Cakes, Chowder, and Fish & Chips since 1948. Norman Durfee, a bakery truck driver, and his wife Edna, bought the tiny “George’s Lunch” (Four tables and a Lilliputian counter seating six) from guess who?

George of course! (Last name unknown)

They soon settled into, shall we say, slinging pancakes and clam cakes. Lunch was dropped from the name, in part because George’s became the gathering spot for Galilee’s over 200 working fishermen at 5 am before facing a day or week at sea. In 1969 illness forced Norman to hand the restaurant over to his son, Richard. He soon doubled the size, expanded the menu, and added new decks and function rooms.

George's soon dominated the landscape by the port of Galilee channel. Today, George's is the largest waterfront restaurant in Rhode Island (seating almost 500 people) and is considered a landmark in Rhode Island.

Our Address:

 250 Sand Hill Cove Road
Port of Galilee, RI 02882
Ph: 401-783-2306



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