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Served in the upstairs Channel Lounge only.



Edamame ~ with sea salt. 6

Calamari Salad ~ with rice vinegar, sesame oil. 8

Seaweed Salad ~ with rice vinegar, sesame oil. 6            

Yellowtail Jalapeno ~ 6 pcs yellowtail in ponzu     sauce w/ jalapeno, scallions, spicy mayo. 13


Maki Sushi

Vegetable Roll ~ carrot, avocado, cucumber. 7

California Roll ~ crab, avocado, cucumber. 8

Alaska Roll ~ salmon, cream cheese, avocado. 10

Tuna Avocado Roll ~ tuna & avocado. 10

Salmon Avocado Roll ~ salmon and avocado. 10

Spicy Roll ~ choice of salmon, tuna or shrimp with cucumber, spicy sauce. 9

Crunchy California Roll ~ crab, avocado, cuke, spicy house sauce, with crunchy onion flakes. 11

Crunchy Spicy Roll ~ crunchy tempura, avocado with choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp. 11

Jalapeno Roll ~ choice of crab, salmon, tuna or shrimp w/cucumber, jalapeno, spicy mayo. 11

Mango Crunchy Roll ~ choice of salmon, tuna or shrimp w/ cucumber, crunchy onion, dice mango, sweet & spicy sauce. 11


Specialty Rolls


Volcano Roll ~ spicy tuna, avocado topped with crunchy tempura, with house made spicy mayo. 16

Hawaiian Roll ~ spicy tuna with cucumber roll, garnished with avocado slices & wasabi sauce. 14

Rainbow Roll ~ crab, avocado & cucumber roll wrapped with assorted fish. 17

Salmon Lover Roll ~ salmon and avocado roll, garnished with salmon slices. 17

Tasty Roll ~ tempura shrimp and avocado roll, topped with tuna slice and crunchy tempura. 18

Tempura Shrimp Roll ~ tempura shrimp, avocado and cucumber. 15

Red Dragon Roll ~ tuna and avocado garnished with thinly sliced tuna, house made spicy mayo. 17

Spider Roll ~ tempura soft shell crab, avocado and cucumber. 17 

Tropical Paradise Roll ~ choice of tuna, salmon or shrimp with avocado & mango, topped with assorted fish, crunchy onion, mango, sweet & spicy sauce. 21


Sushi & Sashimi Combos


Fresh Sushi Nigiri (2pc for $6) ~ tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp.

Fresh Sashimi (3pc for $9) ~ tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp.

Sushi Deluxe ~ 8 pieces of assorted fish nigiri, California roll and tuna roll. 36


*items that are raw or partially cooked can increase your risk of illness.